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The Walpole Difference

Low maintenance cellular PVC

Homeowners, landscape architects, and builders alike can’t believe how much Walpole’s cellular PVC looks and feels like natural wood. The important difference is that advanced cellular PVC is low maintenance – you don’t have to repaint, repair, or replace it for years – and your fence and structures will look great season after season.

Advanced manufacturing

Walpole Outdoors is the nation’s most experienced company in cellular PVC fabrication, having spent a decade working closely with the nation’s most reputable original equipment manufacturers of cellular vinyl trim boards. As a result, we apply superior laminating, molding, and finishing techniques to every fence and outdoor structure we produce. Our cellular PVC is shaped, mitered, and routered using the same methods and tools that we have employed for generations when handcrafting in natural wood. This approach meets our highest standards of symmetry and balance, from the substantial dowels and joints, to the solid, aesthetically pleasing proportions.

The finest natural wood

Should you prefer natural over modern cellular PVC, Walpole’s wood of choice since our founding in 1933 has been decay-resistant northern white cedar. This handsome, durable wood is cut at our own mills in Maine. Milling to the exact size and proportion results in the handcrafting of great-looking products.

Engineering and CAD technology

Our in-house engineering department reviews every fence and structure order to ensure manufacturing accuracy. On more sophisticated custom work, we involve high- tech CAD systems to produce detailed drawings so that customers know exactly how their project will look when installed.

One-of-a-kind inline staining

Walpole’s advanced inline two-coat system is identical for cellular PVC and natural wood. We use an in-house airless spraying operation which helps the cellular structure of PVC become more uniform and smooth. This, along with sanding and drying between each coat, ensures quality paint coverage. Our factory finish is superior to coating after the fence has been installed and eliminates mess in your yard and garden.

Choices in over 100 colors

Walpole Outdoors offers you exceptional flexibility in color options, with more than 100 choices in vinyl safe paint from Sherwin Williams. All come with a 25-year warranty against cracking, peeling, and blistering.

Professional installation

Our trained employees make certain that posts are dug to the proper depth and then carefully tamped. Every section is made straight and sturdy, is accurately aligned and fastened securely. Your grounds and landscaping are always treated with care and respect. Walpole ships and provides installation nationwide through partnerships with installation specialists in your area.

Custom design expertise

Walpole’s expert staff can work from your professional drawings, simple sketches, photographs or ideas to create the custom fence and outdoor structures that perfectly complements your taste, needs, and home’s architecture.

Free design consultation

Walpole is unique in that we offer a free design consultation where one of our trained professionals comes to your location, takes measurements, and assists you with choices in styles, designs, and options. To take advantage of this invaluable no-cost, no-obligation service, contact our store nearest you to schedule an appointment, or call 1-866-229-2153.