Patriot Place is committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable design practicesAdjacent to Gillette Stadium is Patriot Place a 1.3 million sq. ft. super regional lifestyle destination. Opened in the fall of 2008, Patriot Place is committed to continuing the environmentally responsible and sustainable design practices that began with Gillette Stadium. Numerous sustainable design initiatives were included in the Patriot Place project, including site design, building performance, energy efficiency and more!

Quarter 2 2017, Patriot Place conserved the following resources:

206,694 kW-hrs of electricity – Enough to power 19 homes for a full year
571 mature trees – Enough to produce 7,071,220 sheets of newspaper
332,920 gallons of water – Enough to meet the fresh water needs of 4,438 people for a year
477 cubic yards of landfill airspace – Enough airspace to meet the disposal needs of a community of 611 people
232 metric tons (MTCO2E) of GHG Emissions – The recycling of these materials prevented these GHG emissions!

Solar Power System

In October of 2009 construction began to install a photovoltaic power system that supplies approximately 30 percent of Patriot Place’s power and spans seven building rooftops at the complex. Utilizing more than 2,600 photovoltaic solar panels, the system generates more than 12 million kilowatt hours of electricity over 20 years, and will prevent the release of more than 8,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That is the equivalent of removing more than 1,600 passenger vehicles from the road for a year. One of the goals of this project, beyond the continuation of Patriot Place sustainability initiatives is to inform and demonstrate to the general public that distributed renewable power systems are a viable and practical component of our energy future. In February 2010 the Association of Energy Engineers New England Chapter (AEE-NE) named the project the best renewable energy project in New England.

Site Design and Planning

  • The project was largely developed over existing parking lots – resulting in only a 2 percent increase in disturbed area.
  • Natural resource areas impacts were avoided

Trash Removal and Recycling

  • Space for recycling materials provided
  • Patriot Place is using Big Belly Solar Compactors, the world’s first on site solar powered, trash receptacles that reduce electricity consumption and waste volume

Building Performance/Energy Efficiency

  • White roofs on all buildings facilitate Heat Island Reduction – all Roofing has a high Solar Reflectance Index
  • Energy management systems are included in the commercial buildings

Transportation Demand Management Measures

  • Sidewalk and pedestrian promenade areas promote pedestrian access
  • Bicycle racks encourage alternate means of transportation
  • A public transportation study to evaluate the feasibility of expanding public transit

Sustainable Project Operations

  • Diesel driven equipment will be run on bio diesel fuel.
  • On site wastewater treatment plant and irrigation well
  • Water reuse in toilets throughout project
  • Vendor and internal policies to reduce packaging
  • Use of “green” and recycled cleaning and paper products

Materials and Resources

  • Use of low emitting materials (adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, carpet systems, composite woods, laminate adhesives, furniture, seating)
  • No CFC based refrigerants
  • All material from excavation and regrading reused on site as fill
  • Energy efficient lights used throughout development.
  • ENERGY STAR equipment and appliances were selected when possible.

Solar Canopies

Patriot Place has introduced the Solar Canopies. These canopies will not only provide weather protection throughout the North Marketplace, but also, provide up to 60% of Patriot Place’s power and reduce carbon emissions by more than 800 metric tons every year. Additional solar panels added to the rooftops of our South Market Place retailers will bring the expected output of the new solar power system to 1.1 million kilowatt hours.