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Patriot Place eARTh Day 2023 Debunk Junk Art Contest for All Ages

In support of eARTh Day 2023, let’s put some of that unused “STUFF” that is currently cluttering your space to good use. And mix in some good condition trash “THINGS’ to design sustainable, useful, and enjoyable “CREATIONS”. As natural resources diminish, and society seeks to divert more waste from landfills, our Debunk Junk Art Contest challenges contest participants to design “STUFF” for reuse!

Register your entry no later than April 17, 2023. Submit your creation in person at the Artist’s Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place Foxboro, MA

Entry is free and open to all ages. Your job is to artistically show how junk can be re-purposed into sustainable, useful and enjoyable creations.

See below for full contest rules.

Creations will be prominently displayed at the Artist’s Studio & Gallery. Judging will take place on April 20th

Most Creative Sustainable Artwork | Creativity And Originality | Quality & Complexity

Up to $200 Patriot Place Gift Card

Full Contest Rules:

Contest participants will submit your creations (one piece per participant) on Tuesday April 18th at the Artist’s Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  While at the art gallery, you (or Parent if under age of 18) must sign a waiver releasing Patriot Place, Artist’s Studio & Gallery, and Waste Management from all liability of artwork as well as to provide authorization to publish & promote the artwork through all channels, i.e. print, social media, radio, tv, etc. Creations will prominently be displayed along with an art show reception (you are invited) Friday night, April 21st 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM and on Saturday, April 22nd 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Please return to the Artist’s Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place Tuesday, April 25th 3:00 PM -5:00 PM to pick up and take home your artwork;  Alternatively, you can take your creations home 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Sunday, April 23rd.


Youth Group (through age 17):  For the Youth Group, if there are enough participants, prizes for the Most Creative Sustainable Artwork will be awarded in two age groups, 12 and under and 13 through 17. For each age group, the top contestant will receive a $100 Patriot Place gift card and 2nd Place will receive a $50 Patriot Place gift card.

Adult Group (age 18 and older): For the Adult Group, prizes will be awarded in two categories in relation to sustainable artwork showcased: “Creativity & Originality” and “Quality & Complexity”.  For each category, top prize is a $200 Patriot Place gift card and 2nd Place will receive a $50 Patriot Place gift card.

For inquiries or comments, please email [email protected]